Value Creation


We work hand in hand with vendors and operators to optimise services for maximum growth.  Our deep technical knowledge enables us to sit perfectly between the operator and their vendors to manage the service end to end at any point of its lifecycle.


We have 20 years experience launching global services, managing service 

design, user journey, integration, go-to-market and service growth and training.

We understand the complexity of operator channels and how to launch in a highly competitive market.


User Journey Optimisation

We unlock immediate value by optimising the user journey step by step to deliver a seamless customer experience using your existing channels and infrastructure.


We re-position your resources such as digital, off line and call centre assets at the right place for maximum results, lowering costs and increasing long term customer value.

We also design a critical user journey to future proof your strategy to enable new partnerships and service development.

Telecoms Strategy 

Our established partners with over 30 years experience in Insight, Analytics, Service and Product Design and UX work with us to design your strategy based on your customer perception and their future needs. Not just on market data and future trends.


We have deep insight, knowledge and specialist telecoms subject matter expertise to deliver a truly differentiated strategy for growth.

Our team can sit alongside your R&D, Digital and Marketing teams as a project or on-going support so you can use our expertise when you need it.



Rosier Consulting helps businesses to create value. Specialising in revenue enhancement projects for software services, we provide end to end consulting and work hand in hand with your teams to deliver a competitive advantage.

We have established best practices working with IT and telcos from start ups to large global brands and share our knowledge and expertise with our clients.

Established in 2009 we have a deep understanding of technology and the challenges facing the IT and telco space.


We work with 

operators and vendors




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